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Please read my comments under Our Grizzly/Brown Bear Hunts.

This hunting season we are going to offer one Brown/Grizzly Bear hunt during the prime time in the spring and we are going to allow for two hunters to take a grizzly in the fall.

We put our hunters in the field in the most strategic locations and during the times of the highest success rate as ascertained from accumulated data over the past 30 years. Through our conservation efforts, we firmly believe we will be maintaining stable bear populations as well as aiding and enhancing the chances for survival of prey species including moose and caribou; critically important elements to a healthy ecosystem.

I want my hunters to see a variety of game and in sufficient numbers to have a strong desire to return to Alaska, either for hunting a different specie or observing Alaska's Big Game animals in their native habitat.

Book your hunt today with an honest and responsible company, dedicated to practicing sound management of the renewable resource they are entrusted with.

Our services include the use of the highest quality camp equipment available today, a state licensed vendor for convenient purchase of licenses and tags, experienced, professional guides and a company philosophy dedicated to continual improvement and honest stewardship toward the awe-inspiring natural resource we all appreciate and respect.

The cost for both my spring and fall brown/grizzly bear hunts is $11,000.00 and the highest quality hunt you will find for this price!

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Trophy bear Cub grizzly bear Grizzly with 2 cubs Trophy bear Client with Trophy bear