Black Bear Hunts

These, very affordable hunts, are offered in May, June, August and September. They are one week in duration and have the highest success rates of all of our hunts. This is a great option for a father and son, a couple of friends or a husband and wife to hunt together as a once-in-a-lifetime wilderness adventure or as an introduction to Alaska Big Game hunting where you will get an excellent feel for what it means to hunt in pure wilderness.

In May and June the days are long, the weather usually stable and we're hunting in the high country where the views across the mountains are sensational. Everywhere you glass with your binoculars you have a chance to see wildlife; caribou, grizzly, black bear, wolf and right at the timberline, the Alaska-Yukon moose. Some days the wildlife seems to be roaming everywhere. Some days, not so much as winds weather and luck all factor in for a successful hunt. You'll also see migratory birds returning to nest and a very vibrant and thriving tundra. Black Bears are very active; foraging on fresh shoots to replenish winter-lost supplies and traversing the high country in search of a mate, as much a necessity as their food supply.

Our August and September hunts are again in the tundra where glaciers and jagged peaks are seen off in the distance dressed with the first signs of winter. Now the bears are eating the delicious ripening blueberries, low-bush cranberries and moss berries. Frosts carpet the tundra in the early hours of the morning and northern lights illuminate the night sky. One hunter spotted 12 bears (includes sows w/cubs) in one day from our most productive camp last fall.

The cost for this hunt is $5750.00 for one hunter/one guide.

We are also offering black bear/wolf hunts for two hunters/one guide for $3850.00 each.

Call/Text for details: (907) 350 - 4455

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