Chances for Success

The most common question I get from prospective hunters is: "What are my chances for success?"

The truth is this: if you are in good to excellent physical condition and you are willing to be patient, which means spending all day glassing, regardless of what mother nature is throwing at you and you'll work hard to get into a position to deliver a kill shot; then your chances for success are excellent. I mean an honest 75% to 90% chance for harvesting your target animal.

If you are compromised in any of the above hunting skills then your chances diminish. I don't want to mislead any hunter out there; in my 25 years experience I've seen an awful lot of hunters and if you are a chain smoker and overweight and don't want to get out of bed in the morning, you will not be successful in my camp. Please, do us both a favor, book your hunt with someone else.

On the other hand, if you are a diligent hunter and have a good work ethic, you are welcome in my camp anytime. You won't find another team of guides in North America that will work harder for your success than my assistant guides and I. We have made a lot of good friends in the past and repeat business counts for about half our bookings every year.

Sometimes the biggest obstacle preventing a successful hunt is the weather. This is the reason we offer a full ten days hunting. It is also the reason our equipment is the highest quality, field tested and proven mountaineering camp and hunt gear that is available today. We know and understand the extremes of weather that can occur in the mountains. We know what basic comforts and needs are essential for a hunter to be peak performing all day long. Your guide will serve excellent meals with foods that meet the rigorous physical demands of an Alaskan hunt. Our meals are simple but delicious and nutritious. All special dietary needs are accommodated.

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