Grizzly/Brown Bear Hunt

Our hunts begin in April of each year when the big boar Grizzly and Brown Bears start to emerge from their dens. These animals are notorious for putting a huge dent in the Moose population from the moment they wander away from their dens right through the time when the Moose calve, mid May through the first week of June. The food supply is very limited and will only be replenished with the arrival of spawning salmon. All five species of Pacific salmon flood the drainages we hunt throughout the course of the summer and into the fall. For this reason there is an overlap of Brown Bears and Grizzly Bears in the areas we hunt. It is difficult to put a hunter in the field and say whether or not you'll be hunting Brown or Grizzly bear. We have taken many bears over 9'. Right now the population of bears in the areas I hunt is at an all time high. Because of this the Alaska Department of Fish & Game has given this GMU the most liberal Grizzly Bear hunting season in North America!

From August 10th through October 15th, we are offering Grizzly Bear hunts throughout the mountains that surround us. Our success has been outstanding over the past four years. One of our Dall Sheep hunters took a record book Grizzly last year and literally every hunter we had in the field saw Grizzlies. These hunts are 10 days long; giving you a generous amount of time to select the trophy you want and account for possible delays due to inclement weather. We have about 20 different camps to hunt bears from. They range in altitude from the lower river bottoms when the bears are working the salmon streams to very high camps in the mountains where Grizzlies dig for parka squirrels and eat blue berries. The camp you hunt from will be determined by the dates you select and, more importantly, by where we have been seeing the bears just prior to the time of your arrival.

In an attempt to promote conservation of all resources, we have developed a program of harvest of these prey species that we anticipate to be very beneficial to hunters as well as advantageous to the resource itself.

Trophy bear Grizzly bear spotted Glassing point Bow and Arrow hunting Grizzly bear skin