Following confirmation of your hunt, we will be corresponding frequently. Email works excellent for me, you will find I respond very promptly. I will send you several attachments, including a description of your hunt in detail, recommended equipment list, a state required contract and a medical form. Long before you board the plane for Alaska every question you have will be answered to your satisfaction.

Our hunters fly into Anchorage. We offer to provide our hunters transportation between Anchorage and Talkeetna for $200.00 per person. There are several other options to consider, but our nominal charge is the least expensive and most direct. We'll pick you up at your hotel in Anchorage and make the two hour drive to Talkeetna with time to stop and pick up any needed items. Upon arrival at our home, we'll take care of purchasing all the licenses and tags, go over your equipment thoroughly and discuss our company policy regarding safety guidelines. You'll either have the opportunity to sight in your rifle at this time or as soon as you get out to your camp, depending on time crunch, weather, etc.

Our camps are always established before you arrive. When I fly you out to camp you'll be greeted by your guide and a cup of hot coffee. The equipment we use is the best in the industry, every feature. The meals are simple, nourishing and delicious. Special dietary needs can be accommodated without problem.

All hunts are glass and stalk. They are conducted on foot and strictly fair chase. We get up early every morning, have a good breakfast and make our way to the selected observation point for the day. It's the diligent observer that picks up movement or an odd shape or a strange color shade, which results in an exceptional trophy. These older animals don't come walking into your lap, you have to be sharp and on your toes all day. It's not easy, it's hunting.

Throughout the season I am flying almost everyday. I'm constantly looking for game and potential camps. I usually visit your camp every few days bringing supplies and discussing strategy with your guide. In the event we decide to move to another location, we will make optimal use of your hunting day.

Not every hunter who spends ten days in the field with us is going to be successful but, regardless of your luck, you will have fond memories of your hunt and I am confident you will come back and hunt with us again and again.

I'm sure you'll have lots of questions after reading the material available on our website. I suggest you make a list of these questions and send me an email. I will always respond promptly. If you prefer, send me your phone number and a convenient time to call. We can discuss in detail any hunt offered.

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