Alaska-Yukon Bull Moose Hunt

The Alaska-Yukon Moose is one of the most desirable trophies of all the Big Game species in Alaska. Every year my hunters take Moose that are simply, gigantic. In 1999, the ADF&G reduced moose hunting opportunities in GMU 13 for non-residents. Tough winters combined with bear and wolf predation hurt the Moose population. However, recent surveys by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game indicate that Moose numbers are rebounding. This is exciting news for me as GMU 13 has provided my hunters with some extraordinary trophies. Now, nonresident hunters have the opportunity to enter a lottery or drawing to hunt moose in GMU 13. Please let me know if you are interested in a drawing permit for GMU 13.

Our biggest Bull in the past three years, taken in GMU 14, spanned 65". We have killed bulls over 60" every year I have been in business! The bulls in the area we hunt have beautifully shaped antlers, usually tall, wide palms, very long tines and palmated brow tines. They do very well scoring for Boone & Crockett and Safari Club. A perfect trophy, an awesome hunt and a lifetime of great memories, this is the hunt we offer.

We'll take two moose hunters this September. By limiting our harvest to two bulls, I'm accomplishing very important conservation practices. First off, less demand on the resource, advancing stability and even growth in numbers. The second factor is, by taking only two hunters, this allows for a clear focus on the target specie and promotes selection of an older, mature specimen.

Management is the key here and management begins with the spirit of each hunter as he takes to the field. I feel the commercial operator has an even greater responsibility to insure the longevity of the resource and the industry. There are a lot of demands on the Moose in Alaska. They provide a tremendous amount of nourishment for both carnivore and omnivore and are highly sought after. Moose hunting conservation practices have become mandatory. I'm doing my best to be a leader in the wise use of this magnificent resource.

In the spring of 2005 I was awarded a plaque from the Alaska Moose Federation as a result of my efforts to help reduce Moose kills along the Alaska Railroad. I'm convinced that through science, education and correlating impact reductions, we can continue to hunt Moose in Alaska far into the future.

The cost for our Alaska-Yukon Moose hunt is $14,500.00

Hunters who purchase a grizzly bear tag and harvest a grizzly, pay a trophy fee of $2750.00

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