Dall Sheep Hunt

As the first blueberries begin to ripen in the alpine country we head up into the mountains for our Dall Sheep hunts. We hunt the upper drainages of the Talkeetna River, about 12 miles downstream from the largest glacier in the entire range of the Talkeetna Mountains. I take only two hunters each year to insure optimum chances for success. Top physical condition is a must requirement for my hunters. If you aren't in good shape, please, consider another outfitter. Top fit means you have the ability to carry your 50 pound pack for eight miles in trail-less wilderness. Hiking in the areas I hunt is, for the most part, very good. We do our share of bushwhacking in tag alders and willow thickets. We also cross some pretty swift streams; but we practice the utmost caution in our encounters with the terrain, taking time and care to choose the best routes and crossing points for the safest, least resistant advancement to securing our goal, taking a full curl Ram. The population of legal rams where I hunt is low, however, stable. To be successful, it takes some hard work and requires a bit of patience from the hunter. The sheep move around often and glassing skills are needed, used and tested. High quality optics are a must.

We allow for a full 10 days of hunting for Dall Sheep. Your hunt starts with a noon or earlier departure from Anchorage on the 8th of August. There's an orientation at my home in Talkeetna. We will go over all your gear, make sure you have the proper licenses and tags and stow away all clothing/equipment that isn't part of your hunt. We fly out to your Main camp that evening and the following day you and your guide hike out to spike camp. In this manner, it's our hope that on opening day, August 10th, you wake to being positioned perfectly to begin the hunt of a lifetime for a trophy ram.

This hunt can be combined with a Grizzly Bear hunt and together make up one of the finest hunts offered in North America.

The cost for our Dall Sheep hunt is $11,750.00.

Hunters who purchase a grizzly bear tag and harvest a grizzly, pay a trophy fee of $2750.00.

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