Dall Sheep Hunt

As a responsible professional guide, ethical business manager and avid hunter, I suspended my Dall sheep hunts for four years because I witnessed too much hunting pressure on the resource and not enough recruitment. The pressure I was witnessing came from unethical guides with no concern for the future and a complete lack of understanding predator/prey relationships. I felt it was necessary for me to stop hunting in the area where I had been guiding sheep hunters on successful hunts for 30 years!

However, after repeated aerial surveys early August 2019, I saw positive changes in Dall sheep numbers for legal rams. I decided to book a single sheep hunter for 2020 and see what we find from the ground. My hunter killed a very nice ram on the fourth day of his hunt.

Again, in 2021, I did not put a sheep hunter in the field. I flew aerial surveys and located legal rams in sufficient numbers to, once again, feel it is responsible to offer professionally guided Dall sheep hunts in 2022. I will take two hunters and I will offer them the highest caliber Dall sheep hunt available in North America.

There is still pressure in the area and a strong need for pro-active management. Denali Guides & Outfitters will continue to monitor the resource and impact consequences for all future hunting decisions.

We encourage every hunter considering Alaska to book their “once-in-a-lifetime” Alaskan hunt with an ethical and responsible guide.

The cost for our Dall sheep hunt is $15,000.00

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Group of Dallsheep HIgh above treeline Rainbow Dall sheep hunt Camping in Dallsheep country