Master Guide Billy FitzGerald

Billy FitzGerald migrated to Alaska in the early 1970’s pursuing a long-time dream of adventure in the Alaskan wilderness. He worked many years for outfitters, sport fishing lodges and commercial fishermen. Billy hunted, trapped and survived ten winters of dog mushing and mountain wilderness travel. It was deep in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness where Billy honed his skills that prepared him for creating his guide service, Denali Guides & Outfitters. This was the culmination of many years living and working in the Alaskan mountains from the north side of the Brooks Range to the southern tip of the Alaska Peninsula and included months-long adventures throughout the entire arc of the Alaska Range.

The village of Talkeetna has been Billy's home and base of operations since 1977. Talkeetna sits on the edge of pure Alaskan wilderness and is located at the junction of three major glacial rivers. It is road accessible but also an established portal to some of the finest hunting, fishing and wilderness adventures in the entire continent of North America.

Experience, Dedication and Commitment to Two of Alaska's Most Precious Resources: Alaskan Wildlife and the Alaskan Wilderness

Billy FitzGerald is a licensed commercial pilot with over 4000 hours of flying time in the Denali National Park area including the Alaska Range and the Talkeetna Mountains. He has more than 3000 days in the field, boots on the ground, and has become a valuable resource to agencies considering development in the vicinity of Denali National Park.

Being earnestly proactive, FitzGerald is a member of several boards created to provide a conduit for communication between land managers, hunters and backcountry recreational users. His participation has resulted in many positive changes and actions.

Billy has been or is currently a board member of the following agencies:

FitzGerald has been a full time resident of Alaska since 1974. He became a state licensed Alaskan Registered Guide in 1983 and then received his Master Guide license in 1996. He has been operating his guide service continually since 1984.

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